Roulette is a game that falls under the category of a table game of chance. The gambler merely makes a decision as to what to wager on and fate ends up playing out.

A Game with an Aura

Roulette is certainly a casino game that has a unique air about it. Roulette is commonly associated with sophisticated casino gaming. When you watch gamblers playing roulette in the movies, they are often wearing tuxedoes or otherwise looking that members of high society.

In reality, not everyone who plays roulette is a member of high society. The popularity of the spinning wheel game extends to pretty much everyone who is interested in placing a wager. Roulette is about as simple a game as could be devised. The payouts are potentially huge and the “pure chance” nature of the game contributes to the attraction.

Early History

And this attraction has remained unabated for far more years than the average casino attendee realizes. The word “Roulette” means “little wheel” in French and the game did come to North America via France, but the origins of the game are found in Asia. From Asia, the early version of Roulette traveled to Europe at some point in the Middle Ages.

Rules of Play

The rules of the game are very basic. You place a wager on the Roulette table and if the matching number comes up, that is a win.

On the wheel, two sets of the numbers 1 to 36 are present. One set is black and the other is red. Two green numbers are present, zero and double zero. Placing a wager on one or more of these numbers pays out 35 to 1. A common misconception is you are only allowed to place one wager. Such is not the case. You could, theoretically, place $30 in the form of 30 bets at $1 each and, if your number came up, a $5 profit is earned. Of course, a $30 loss is at risk here so most people would not place that many small bets at once. Seeing 5 or so bets on the numbers on the table is not uncommon.

Spin the wheel and win $35 for every dollar you wager. Welcome to the world of roulette.

Other Payouts and Odds

The other big misconception about Roulette is the only wagers a person can make are the aforementioned single number bets. Anyone who has never played Roulette before will quickly know this is not the case the second the actual table is glanced at. There are several different types of wagers that can be made that have greater odds of winning, but the payout odds are lower.

For example, three bars on the table note the ability to wager on the first, second, and third sequence of 12 numbers.

Four different “even money/1:1” wagers are probably the least risky of all: wagering on the color red, the color black, all the even numbers, all the odd numbers, numbers 1 to 18, and numbers 19 to 36.

Other wagers are available as well. So, your options really are open with this classic game of chance.