Keno Basics to get Into the Game

Games of chance are popular for many reasons. Primarily they offer hope of a small fortune, or at least a win of some sort that can help the pocketbook. Keno is no exception to the vast list of opportunities to make a fast buck. The game itself is largely based on luck, but for many there is also a method or strategy that is put into play to improve the odds. One of the reasons Keno is thriving in casinos is that it is easy to learn and play.

The game places 80 numbered balls into play of which 20 are drawn to determine winners. Players of the game may select up to 20 numbers from 1 – 80 to wager on, and each house will have a minimum wager that must be bet. In most cases this is $1.00. The amount of money the player wins will be determined by the pay table and the number of correct hits that were selected.

There are four methods used to determine the winning numbers for Keno draws. The most common method is a rabbit ear blower. A round center holds the 80 balls, and pressurized air blows the number of selected balls into a v-shaped protrusion that resemble the name they were given. Once the tubes have filled, the blower is turned off, and the numbers are entered by the Keno attendant. An AKV automatic blower uses pictorially coded balls that are scanned by the computer. A hand cage is also used in some locations to manually have a Keno attendant draw out the numbers which are verified, and the other method is a random number generator.

A winning Keno ticket is generally presented at the end of the draw to collect on any winnings. Many establishments now offer multi-race tickets that allow the better to place wagers on multiple draws when presenting the ticket. These multi race tickets can be collectable within 24 hours or longer depending on the house rules. It is important to note the collection period. If the ticket is not presented within the time limits, any winnings for that ticket are forfeited to the house.

So what is the strategy employed? Some rely on emotional numbers like birthdays or anniversary dates. Some will use a set of numbers that they feel confident about and play those numbers continuously over a period. Others will watch for a while to see what numbers are popping up frequently and base the wagers on that information. When it gets down to it, it really is a matter of luck, as there is no way to know which 20 balls will be blown out.

To increase the likeliness of a winning ticket, betters will play specialty tickets or way tickets. A specialty ticket may bet odd/even, top/bottom, or left/right. A way ticket allows the better to place several smaller wagers (ways) within a set of numbers. For example a set of 6 numbers can also contain 2 spots, 3 spots, 4 spots, and 5 spots. It comes down to how far you want to spread the advantage and increase your odds of winning something on the wager. It is an easy bet to make and Keno runners will place the wager and also return payoffs to players. It is a win-win for the casino, and gives players a chance to endeavor at other games of chance.