Cute and Fluffy Slot

Cute and Fluffy slots

Cute and Fluffy is a 5 reel online casino game that pet lovers will simply adore. It is a 25 payline video slot that features the cuddly characters of Cute and Fluffy. Cute is a beautiful little kitten, and Fluffy is a perky little puppy. The theme for this slot game centers on the possessions of both Cute and Fluffy. The first thing that players will see when the game starts is both Cute and Fluffy cuddling up together. How precious! The game has high value cards that range from the ace to the nine. They show up on reels in a bright yellow color. It fits well with the Cute and Fluffy color pallet of pink, purple, yellow and blue. This makes the casino game even more playful and cheerful like its star characters. This game also has other symbols that pet lovers will like such as bones, baskets, food bags and colorful balls of…


Daredevil Slots

daredevil slots

Daredevil slots is based off the Daredevil super hero from Marvel and Playtech. The theme as well as the symbols center on the theme. The game features a wild symbol and scatter symbol. Animation can be found in this particular game only the Daredevil symbol is animated. The other animation includes Elektra getting ready to attack and Kingpin moving from a portrait of figures and backgrounds. When two scatter symbols appear, the Daredevil logos animation is activated. When three or more appear, the Logo will transform. The audio is good but not exceptional and is appropriate for the game. Game Basics The game uses high value cards as symbols, which can detract from the appeal of the game; additionally the fixed jackpot payouts are low in comparison to similar games. However, the game does have some redeeming factors such as an Interactive Bullseye, free game, and progressive jackpot. The game…


Elektra Slot

Electra Slot

Elektra is the popular assassin from Daredevil comics and she was brought to life in a 2003 movie. PlayTech has created a slot game featuring the Elektra character and the imagery on the slot captures the ominous nature of this anti-heroic character. Symbols and Images Elektra does name appearances in the form of her own brilliantly designed symbol. Be on the lookout for the symbol because it reflects a very helpful wild. Be mindful of the arrival of the Elektra logo because it represents the scatter symbol, a symbol that could set winning a lot of money in motion. What of the other symbols in the game? Not surprisingly, Elektra’s favorite weapons, the karate sais and the Shuriken throwing stars are among them. Elektra’s trademark armband and pendant are as well. The traditional “playing card” symbols have been tweaked a bit to reflect Japanese characters. This way, their presentation harkens…


The Dark Night Slots Game

The dark knight slot game

Are you a fan of Batman? Have you ever thought of playing a Batman themed game in an online casino? Well, this may b your lucky break because The Dark Knight is here. If you are a prolific online casino player, then you have to try this progressive pokie game. Get ready for the Mega Jackpot, which starts off at 1,000,000 USD. The best part about this is that you can win it with just 30 cents per spin. The 2008 Batman installment that featured Heath Ledger and Christian Bale is the essence of this game. Selected scenes from it are shown on the symbols, each time you win big. Look at what The Dark Knight online casino game has to offer: 1. Affordable bets. The Dark Knight lets you bet from 30 cents to a maximum of 6 USD for every spin. It even comes with two credit levels….