Casino games beginner tips

By: CasinoKiwi.com

Though there are a number of tips available for new players, we’ve compiled the top 10 best, most useful and insightful tips. You can use these tips to protect yourself from illegal casinos, as well as unlawful gambling and scamming. While some of these seem like common sense, it’s important to know these 10 beginner tips for online casino play.

  1. You should never wager more money than you can afford to lose. Budgeting is of crucial importance in the online, and physical, gambling world. If you fail to budget appropriately, you can cause negative social impacts on not only yourself, but your family. Be sure to plan out a weekly, or monthly, budget carefully to prevent over extending yourself.
  2. Always research the online casino before joining the website. Check their credentials above anything else. They should list their certificates for their operator, software provider, licensing and agencies, as this demonstrates their lawfulness. If anyone isn’t licensed, then they aren’t regulated, which means they aren’t safe to use.
  3. Never share your user information with anyone. There are many ways for people to get ahold of your information, and they can use your log in credentials to wager your money. They can even make withdrawals from your account if they are signed in. Many sites advise against playing online casino games on public computers, as there is always the chance of hackers accessing your information or the information being saved onto the computer.
  4. Consider what kind of a gambler you are. Some players shoot to win the big payouts, and gladly risk thousands for the chance. However, there are many players who are conservative in their playing, aiming for games that offer a higher chance at a lower risk. Get to know the games that appeal to you. Some may require you learn a skill before placing bets on the game.
  5. Take part in as many freeroll tournaments as possible. A freeroll tournament is completely free to take part in, and offers incredible prizes to compete with other players for. Free tournaments are perfect for new players who are learning how games work, getting to know online tournaments and working on their bankrolls.
  6. When you come across an online casino site, always read the terms and conditions thoroughly. The terms and conditions outline expectations, requirements and other important information for the website. If you don’t understand an aspect of their terms and conditions, simply contact their customer support.
  7. While it’s not required to take advantage of the bonuses many casinos offer their players, anyone choosing to use them should thoroughly read the bonus proposal. The proposal will let you know of any requirements that must be met in order to access the bonus. If you can’t meet the requirements, the casino can keep the bonus.
  8. If you have trouble understanding or using something, the customer support is almost always active and available to reach for questioning. We suggest using their live chat, as its faster, free and easy to use.
  9. All online casino websites offer free games to play. They do so to allow you to experience the software, practice strategies and get to know and understand the games. You can try out new games that you’ve never played, and find the ones you enjoy the most.
  10. Be careful when you are choosing a payment option. It’s tough to change the payment selection later on, so find something that will allow you to deposit and withdraw funds. Be sure to check the limits it may have on withdrawal and deposits.

Getting an Edge

Getting an edge is pretty difficult to do, and many will say it’s “impossible”. However, there are a few techniques and strategies that can help you develop a higher edge than the casino. A majority of getting an edge on an online casino is in researching and practicing the game. While these tips can raise your edge, you are never guaranteed a win. Be sure to have enough funds in your bankroll to keep yourself safe in the event of a loss, and always budget yourself before your start playing. However, you need to understand how the house edge works.

What is the House Edge?

The house edge varies from casino to casino, and game to game. The house edge is essentially an inherent advantage that is given to the house. It’s a matter of mathematical odds, rather than luck. The house’s edge in roulette, for example, is typically 5% for every bet. Whenever you bet a dollar, the casino keeps 5 cents out of it. The rest is returned as winnings. In the long run, the casino always wins, even when the player wins because of this percentage.

Some strategies need to be combined to work effectively. Make certain games that offer high payout rates, and lower house edges, your primary gaming focus. Learn to play them correctly, and improve your skill with them to get a better payout rate. Take advantage to any promotion or bonus offers that can be used for the games you play, giving the advantage of free spins, deposit matches or other amazing rewards. However, you should only choose ones that offer favorable conditions that you can more than likely meet, as casinos can withhold their bonuses if the conditions aren’t met. Get to know the terms and conditions of your casino site, and learn what would be most beneficial towards you as the player.

Depending on the game that you want to play, there’s different skills you can learn to gain an advantage over the house. In blackjack, and certain other card games, you can learn to count cards. Counting cards is surprisingly easy, and can boost your return greatly if you can do it skillfully. While it won’t make you win every time, you can gain a return on your losses quite easily. There are four simple card-counting methods: the speed count, rookie knockout system, ace/five count and ace/10 count strategy. Though learning to count cards is frequently looked down on, it’s simply a form of strategy and skill. However, it shouldn’t be done in tournament play.

While there is no definitive way to gain an edge over the casino’s house edge, the above are some simple strategies that can potentially boost your odds. Most games in online and physical casinos are stacked in the house’s favor in terms of odds and risk. Learning how to negate their odds for the games you love to play will greatly enhance your chances of winning big. Of course, never wager more than you can afford to lose.