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Symbian S60 Games Free Download

Games for Symbian S60

U Mobile Game develops games for Windows Mobile Pocket PC, Windows Mobile Smartphone, Symbian S60 and Symbian UIQ3 devices. Below is an overview of our Symbian S60 Games.

imgThe Riddle Of Sphinx(New!)

imgThe Riddle Of Sphinx is a funny logic game.The purpose of the game is using the arrows to move the blocks and clean all of them on the game board. Your score is based on the your moving steps. The game includes hunderds of exciting puzzles from very easy to extremely difficult and an automatic solving system for reference.

imgDragon Bird (New!)

imgDragonBird is an ultimate vertical shooter, with outstanding 2D/3D graphics and high quality music. 4 different ship types with their own unique skill. 8 grand scenes, various enemies to shoot and lots of equipment to buy.The game also includes a upgradable weapon system which will make game more interesting.

imgCrazy Spot

img A new funny "spot the difference" game! with high quality photos and multiplayer mode.The player's goal is to spot all the differences between two photos as soon as possible . While the photos may look identical at first glance, there are 5 random differences on each level! Multiplayer mode will request you spot the difference faster than your competitor.

imgImpossible Sudoku

img The most powerful mobile SudoKu game that features a random Sudoku Generator which generates puzzles to match your skill level. We have also added a auto solve system which helps you solve the puzzles,including created by own.

imgGreedy Penguins

imgGreedy Penguins is is an completely free mobile game . The purpose of this game is to jump down through an infinite shaft of platforms,try not to fall off the screen and get coins as more as possible. Move the penguins with the arrow keys or Touchscreen, moving from platform to platform. "Life" decreases when you touch the pillards, but you can recover the "life" guage by eating fish.Multiplayer mode will request you getting more coins than your competitor.